About The Social Pharmacist

The Social Pharmacist is a pharmacy-specific digital marketing agency founded by Colm Baker, a registered Irish pharmacist and award-winning digital marketer, who has blended his clinical knowledge and marketing skills to help pharmacies increase their turnover but also create an online brand they can be proud of. 

Colm graduated from BSc. Pharmacy in Trinity College Dublin in 2012 before completing his MPharm. in Royal College of Surgeons Ireland the following year. In 2013, while completing his MPharm., Colm undertook a Masters in Business Management in UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate School. During this time, Colm managed McGreals Pharmacy in Portarlington, Co. Laois before opening his first digital marketing agency Full Blast Advertising

The Social Pharmacist is helping independent pharmacy owners build an online brand they can be proud of. Our pharmacy websites and digital marketing services will help grow your existing retail business, improve your customer’s experience and also create new revenue streams for your business. 


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Pharmacy Marketing Specialists that Help Community Pharmacies  

Colm believes that community pharmacies should put more emphasis on creating an engaging online healthcare brand that will help grow their business but also improve the public’s perception of the profession in general.

When it comes to healthcare, consumer choices are largely influenced by factors such as trust, reputation and expertise. By creating an engaging online brand your pharmacy can influence the future choices of your potential customers. 


The Social Pharmacist helps pharmacies to leverage social media and other digital marketing platforms to cement your reputation as the local healthcare experts.

By building your pharmacy’s reputation online, your pharmacy will become the only logical choice when people need to place their trust in a pharmacy for advice, expertise and medication.


 Our Mission

is to Promote Community Pharmacists as the Local Healthcare Experts