Grow Your Pharmacy Business With Our Personalized Digital Marketing Training

As pharmacists, we have a natural bias towards formal education. Lord knows, we’ve completed enough of it to get qualified. While your pharmacy team might be interested in getting formal education in digital marketing & eCommerce it’s not particularly helpful for your pharmacy. By the time you complete these courses, the content you’ve learned is typically out of date because digital marketing is such a rapidly changing field. Even worse, they will be learning the most generalized, overarching strategies that can be applied to large corporate companies with massive advertising budgets. They won’t be learning what will work for a small independent pharmacy with your specific budgets, resources and experience.

Our digital marketing training is much more personalized and your pharmacy team will benefit by learning from a pharmacist who is also an award-winning digital marketer. Colm will show your pharmacy team exactly what they need to do and how to use digital marketing to build a modern pharmacy brand, grow footfall in your retail pharmacy and increase sales online & in-store. 

Whether you are selling online or not, digital marketing can be used to grow your pharmacy business. By creating an engaging online brand you will stay front of mind with your customers and entice more people to shop at your pharmacy. By showcasing the value your retail pharmacy offers the local community, you will build trust, enhance loyalty and reduce the risk of customers shopping online with the big pharmacy chains.

Our digital marketing training is a personalized service to help your pharmacy team upskill in areas such as digital marketing strategy, social media marketing, content marketing, sales funnels, paid social media advertising, email marketing and SEO. We take account of your digital marketing experience, marketing budgets and resources and create a specific marketing strategy to boost your pharmacy business. We’ll guide your team how to implement this strategy online or in-person and show them how to use the necessary digital marketing tools.

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How Will Digital Marketing Training Help Your Pharmacy?

In an increasingly online world, your competitors are using digital marketing to build relationships with your customers to entice them to come to their pharmacy.

Rather than randomly posting offers to social media we will show your pharmacy team how to use the latest tactics & techniques to build a relationship with your target market, increase sales and grow your pharmacy business.

Digital Marketing is a rapidly changing field with so many new tools, tactics and strategies popping up every day that it can be hard to keep track of them all. We will show your pharmacy team exactly what they need to do to take your business to the next level.

Most independent pharmacies won’t have specialist digital marketing teams like the big pharmacy chains so you need to invest in upskilling your pharmacy team if you want to learn how to really use digital marketing to grow your business.

Rather than doing a generic course with outdated tactics and techniques with our personalized digital marketing training, your pharmacy will learn exactly what’s working online now to grow your business.

What Will Your Pharmacy Team Learn?

We’re going to teach you how we run successful social media campaigns for clients every day, from strategy through execution. You’ll get first-hand insights into what works and doesn’t work in today’s constantly evolving digital landscape. We’ll also share industry trends as well as insider tips and tricks that will help your pharmacy business grow! But most of all we’re only going to show you the tactics that are relevant to your pharmacy’s budget, skills and resources. 

Your Pharmacy team will learn how to:

  • Build an online brand that engages your target market
  • Create Facebook Ads to pinpoint your potential customers
  • Increase the lifetime value of your customers through email marketing and remarketing 
  • How to setup email marketing automations to increase your online sales
  • Create the perfect online persona and brand personality that people will trust as a local healthcare expert
  • Optimize your website so it ranks higher in Google searches
  • Create online sales funnels to create predictable online revenue streams
  • What works and doesn’t work in social media marketing
  • Discover what the top pharmacy brands are advertising
  • Overcome your own digital marketing challenges 

What If You’re Not Selling Online?

Our digital marketing training is a personalized service tailored to your needs. Whether you’ve established a profitable online pharmacy business, are just starting out in the world of eCommerce or haven’t even created a Facebook Page yet, we can help your pharmacy team move to the next level whatever that might be.

If you’re not selling online yet, you won’t need to learn about some of the more advanced areas of digital marketing. But your pharmacy team can still use social media to build your pharmacy brand locally, attract new customers from your competitors and increase your sales in-store.

Your customers are still browsing social media online, searching for products and engaging with your competitors. If you’re not building relationships with your customers online, your competitors will be.