Shoot Up the Google Rankings with SEO-Optimized Blogs created by The Social Pharmacist

Regular blogging should be a cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy for any pharmacy website. Not only does blogging help you climb up the Google rankings but it also helps to position your pharmacy as trusted healthcare experts. Articles giving advice about healthcare conditions, product recommendations or symptoms also make for shareable social media content and can lead to increased sales in-store and online. 

Whether you’re selling online or have a brochure website for your retail pharmacy, if you’re not blogging regularly, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to attract new customers and grow your pharmacy business.

Our pharmacy blogging service, allows you to set what keywords, products or healthcare topics that you want blog articles created about. We’ll get to work researching, editing and optimizing your blogs to help boost your Google rankings & our graphic designers will create a branded image to maximize your clicks on social media.

Our blogs will help you get more organic website traffic but they will also make for shareable social media traffic. If you’re really clever, you will have blogs that answer healthcare questions that people are searching for. You can use paid social media advertising to attract new website visitors at the top of your sales funnel and convert them into customers with recommendations for and links to relevant products. Regular blogging should be a key component of your SEO strategy but the time it takes to research, craft & edit a blog usually puts most independent pharmacies off blogging regularly.

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Why Do Most Independent Pharmacies Struggle to Write Blogs Regularly?

Blogging is a very under-utilized marketing strategy which provides a massive opportunity for those pharmacies that do blog regularly. Most independent pharmacies don’t have the time to spend researching, writing and editing blog articles. It’s not like writing a college assignment.

Blogs should be designed so that they’re easy to read, show your expertise and entice purchases. They also need to be designed to attract visitors from search engine queries by being optimized for search engine rankings. It takes a lot of time, skill and experience to create blogs that meet all of these standards.

It’s just not possible for most independent pharmacies to dedicate so much time to regularly publish blogs on their pharmacy websites. Our service will provide your pharmacy with search engine optimized blogs that are reviewed by a pharmacist and presented with branded, high-quality images.

How Will Our Pharmacy Blogging Service Grow Your Business?

Blog articles are the perfect strategy to increase web traffic, boost your brand and address customer pain points. Most of your potential customers are out there searching online for answers to questions about their health, their symptoms and products that they have been recommended. Our blogs will bring these potential customers to your website, give them the answers that they need and provide links to the products on your website.

Blogging provides a straightforward, sales funnel strategy. Create a blog that answers your customers questions to attract them to your website. Build trust by showcasing your expertise throughout the blog. Increase sales by linking to your product recommendations on your website. It’s the most straightforward online sales strategy.

Regular blogging has many other benefits too:

  • You will boost your overall SEO rankings which will lead to even more shoppers coming to websites.
  • You will also build your credibility as trusted healthcare experts which will boost customer loyalty.
  • You will increase the uptake of your retail pharmacy services such as cholesterol testing & flu vaccination.
  • You will have engaging content for your email newsletters & social media channels.


What’s Included in Our Pharmacy Blogging Service?

Our pharmacy blogging service takes the hard work out of your digital marketing efforts. We will produce evergreen, search engine optimized blogs that will bring more and more customers to your website, position your pharmacy as trusted healthcare experts and build your online brand. Each blog post will have:

  • 1,000+ words
  • Search Engine Optimized for relevant keywords
  • Plagiarism checked on Copyscape
  • Branded featured image with blog title
  • Internal links to other pages & products included
  • External links to reputable websites to boost search rankings
  • Reviewed by pharmacist for medical accuracy
  • Published to your website
  • 14 days turnaround time

pharmacy blogging service | pharmacy seo service | pharmacy digital marketing

How Much Does Our Pharmacy Blogging Service Cost?

As you can imagine it takes quite a bit of time to research, edit and optimize blog articles. As a pharmacy, you also have to ensure that the blog posts are medically accurate and comply with medicine advertising regulations. Most other blogging services are provided by digital marketing companies or content writers who won’t have any clue about those things. Every blog provided by The Social Pharmacist is reviewed by our founder, Colm Baker MPSI who is a registered Irish pharmacist so you’re in safe hands!

A single, once-off blog article costs €200 excluding VAT but you can SAVE 25% with our Monthly Plan. 

With our Monthly Plan, you can choose whether you want to have one, two, three or four articles published each month with each article only costing €150 exc. VAT. The more articles you publish, the more website traffic and sales you’re going to get. Blogging is a long-term strategy that only pays off when you do it consistently, that’s why we encourage you to go with our monthly plans.

Get ONE MONTH FREE With Our Annual Blogging Plan

Blogging is by no means a quick-fix solution for your pharmacy business. Those Google algorithms take time to learn about your website and need to see blog content being published regularly. But it’s not only Google who will reward your commitment to boosting your websites SEO rankings, we’re also giving pharmacies ONE MONTH FREE when they commit to our blogging service for the next 12 months!

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