Facebook Business Manager is a free platform that manages and tracks advertisements, page activities, Facebook and Instagram ad accounts. Moreover, it also helps advertisers incorporate their Facebook marketing efforts through their business. It has features that can allow you to easily add ad accounts you own, gain access to business partners’ assets and so much more. Business Manager also provides a way to add people to your accounts and pages without having to be friends with them on Facebook. You can also control and have access to everyone from your business account all in one location.

Before you begin adding people to your Facebook business manager account, there are a few important pieces of information that you need to know to avoid online fraud or scams.

Beware of the Scammers Trying to Get Access!


Don’t forget that getting access to your Business Manager account could allow scammers access to your ad accounts and spend your hard-earned money on advertising for themselves. It’s important to remember the following before adding people to your Business Manager account:

  • Be aware of the people you will be adding to your business manager, don’t accept requests right away if you don’t know them. Scammers will create fake accounts and try to control businesses in the online world. If you have doubts and have suspicions with that person adding to your business manager, contact them first and check its legitimacy.
  • Keep in mind that Facebook will never request permission accessing to a Business manager. Do not accept this request. Rather, report it to the Facebook team if ever you experience this kind of scenario.
  • The Business verification process can only be accomplished through the Business Info Section in your Security Center. Any third-party business can’t get you verified by Facebook even though they insist on helping your business in the verification process. Moreover, they want you to add them to your Business Manager. This is one way of the scammer’s approach to your business. Hence, Report it to the Facebook team.
  • Only Business manager admins have the right to add people.

How to Add People to your Facebook Business Manager Account

Follow these simples steps to add people to your Facebook Business Manager Account:

  • From your Business Manager dashboard, click Settings and go to Business settings   










  • Click People under the Users section

  • Click the Add button or Filter by Name, ID, or Email address of the person you are adding to your business manager.

  • Choose a business role for them. The two selections are Employee access or Admin access. Drop down the Show Advanced Options for additional roles you want to assign to them. You can choose either a Finance analyst, Finance editor, or Developer. Please make sure to read the role description for each. You can get a full explanation of the various roles and permissions here



  • Click the Next button.
  • In this section, the Select Asset Type column lets you choose the type of asset you want to assign to them. And, then in the Select Assets column, you can search the name or select each asset. In the Page column, you can assign each task to them and grant partial access, or you can select Full control to let them manage and access all available tasks. Repeat the step on this screen if you want to add people to multiple assets.


  • Lastly, click the Invite button.

And that’s it. Follow those simple steps and you should be able to easily add people to your Facebook Business Manager Account. Once they’re added you can then assign them access to the various business assets eg. Facebook Pages, Ad Accounts etc.

Unfortunately, sometimes Facebook can be a pain. With different glitches & bugs, this can be a little bit less than straightforward. Make sure to remind anyone you are adding to check their spam and promotions folders in their email accounts. If you have any problems comment below or contact us directly by clicking here and I will do my best to help you get sorted.

Don’t Forget!

Before you post anywhere online, remember you or your team members are posting on behalf of your pharmacy brand and the pharmacy profession. Always adhere to your ethics and code of conduct. If you’re in doubt about posting a particular piece of content, don’t post it.

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About The Author

About The Author

Colm Baker is a registered pharmacist and award-winning digital marketer. Having qualified as a pharmacist in Ireland in 2013, Colm embarked on a Masters in Business Management in University College Dublin while also managing a community pharmacy.

From there, Colm launched his first digital marketing agency now called Full Blast Advertising and works with a wide range of businesses across a range of different industries.

The Social Pharmacist was launched as a pharmacy-specific full-service digital marketing agency to help community pharmacies create an online brand that they could be proud of and that would actually grow their business.

Colm has spoken at digital marketing conferences such as Amplify Digital Conference in Croke Park and written for magazines such as Irish Pharmacist. If you are interested in working with The Social Pharmacist or looking for guest contributors, please contact colm@thesocialpharmacist.com or connect with Colm on Linkedin by clicking here.

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